Our various backgrounds has led to a versatile creative match, where music, dance, circus, acting and the meaning of words create a space we explore together.


Sara grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm. With a multi-cultural family it’s not surprising that she has a broad view on the arts. She started practice circus at 13 years old when the lack of creative thinking in sports disappointed her, and since then her creative process has been on going. More than once Sara has been told she is a female version of Charlie Chaplin. That delights us.

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Axel grew up on the Swedish country side and found love for stage art performances in his early life. He loved it all, acting, dancing, musical theatre and concerts. At fourteen years old he saw his first contemporary circus show and fell in love with the art form. Since then, he’s dedicated his life to explore the art that is contemporary circus. More than once people have stated that Axel is strong as a bear. That delights him.


Oktober-november 2017 - Skratturnén with Clowns without Borders